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Training Program for Adults With Disabilities

OpenDoor Services Inc is a day program in California to train adults with developmental disabilities. Having served the community for 15 years, we pride ourselves on being a social services organization. We work with our clients to provide training in employment training, community Integration, self-advocacy, and independent living.


Our Purpose

Our organization was established in January of 2002 with the strong purpose of cultivating community integration of adults with developmental disabilities. We began with over 45 years of collaborative experience working with adults with developmental disabilities.

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Meet Our Owner

Our owner, Stacie Rodriguez-Lyons, is an inspiration to our organization’s purpose and mission. She believes that every person has the potential to do great things regardless of a disability. And everyone deserves the right to take a chance at their dreams and accomplishment.

Empowering the Community

At OpenDoor Services Inc, we strive to empower those who need help to better themselves and their lives. We advocate for adults with developmental disabilities to learn how to live independently, learn about working with a disability, and support themselves.  

OpenDoor Services Inc.